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rimzim bawne
rimzim bawne
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I am soo happy with the dirt blaster team they have made my home heaven And grateful to bhushan sir for alloting me th cleaning slot...... And the best help I had from there two guys Mr.Abhay Hivre and Mr. Prem Kate they have magic' I'm their hands Thnks alot I urge people to take the service they will never disappoint you Happy Cleaning 😀
ukmoitra bapi
ukmoitra bapi
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Boys were excellent and completed the kitchen chimney cleaning work in a nice way. God bless you. All the best.
sunil kadam
sunil kadam
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Exllent service
Dhananjay R
Dhananjay R
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Fantastic service.. thank you guys!!
MiTv Home
MiTv Home
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Very happy with the bathroom cleaning service performed by Prem and Shubham🙂
Sahil Shaikh
Sahil Shaikh
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Bathroom Cleaning Services In Ghorpadi Pune

We know that it’s not easy to keep your bathroom spic n span all the time especially when you have children at home. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to Bathroom Cleaning Services in Ghorpadi Pune.

Having a clean and hygienic bathroom is essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable living space.

It is a cumbersome task but when you have right tools and right technique, it can become little easier to do.

But to clean a bathroom on your own, you must be one of very few people who like to do it on their own. Most of the people don’t like to do it themselves. Cleaning is not a very easy or enjoyable task to do. But it is still very important to keep your environment neat, clean & hygienic especially  your washrooms.

Your maid is not really experienced or trained to remove the stubborn stains from the bathroom nor she will be able to follow the deep cleaning process daily.

You would like to spend your precious time with your family or loved ones rather than spending it scrubbing & cleaning the toilets.

Hire professional bathroom cleaning service providers like Dirt Blaster Cleaning Services and get the job done at ease without spending too much.

Importance Of A Clean Bathroom

A clean bathroom is not only aesthetically pleasing but also crucial for maintaining good hygiene and preventing the spread of germs and bacteria.

Regular cleaning of your bathroom ensures that it remains a safe and healthy space for you and your family. A sparkling bathroom can also create a positive impression on guests and contribute to an overall clean and organised home environment.

With professional bathroom cleaning services, you can achieve a spotless and germ-free bathroom without the hassle.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Bathroom

While professional bathroom cleaning services provide a deep and thorough cleaning, it’s essential to maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom between professional visits.
Here are some tips to help you keep your bathroom in pristine condition:

Daily Surface Cleaning : Wipe down surfaces such as countertop, sink and mirrors daily with a mild cleaner to remove any spills, toothpaste residue or watermarks.

Regular Maintenance of Fixtures: Regularly clean and polish fixtures such as including faucets, taps, shower head, jet spray and handles to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits and maintain their shine.

Grout Maintenance: Use a grout cleaner or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to scrub grout lines periodically. This will help prevent discoloration and the growth of mold or mildew.

Proper Ventilation: Ensure your bathroom is adequately ventilated to prevent moisture buildup which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Use exhaust fans or open windows during and after showering to allow moisture to escape.

Promptly Address Spills and Stains: Attend to spills or stains immediately to prevent them from setting and becoming harder to remove later.

Regular Deep Cleaning: Schedule  a regular professional bathroom deep cleaning to maintain the overall cleanliness, hygiene and longevity of your bathroom.

Expert Tips For Effective Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom like a professional requires a combination of effective techniques and the right tools.

Here are some expert tips to help you achieve outstanding results:

Decluttering – Before starting with the bathroom cleaning process, remove all the items from the bathroom. This will make the cleaning process easier allowing you to reach to every surface effectively.

Dusting & Vacuuming – Begin by dusting surfaces such as cabinets, shelves and light fixtures. Then use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dust, hair and debris from the floor and corners.

Pre-Treat Stains & Grime – For stubborn stains and grime, pre-treat the affected areas with a suitable cleaning solution. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing or wiping it away.

Work from Top to Bottom – When cleaning your bathroom, always start from the top and work your way down. This ensures that any dust or dirt removed from higher surfaces doesn’t settle on already cleaned areas.

Pay Attention To Details – Don’t forget to clean the areas which are often overlooked such as faucets, taps, showerheads, jet spray etc . These areas can develop germs and require regular cleaning.

Invest in Quality Cleaning Products – Choose cleaning products specifically formulated for bathrooms. Look for those that are effective against soap scum, mold and mildew. Using high-quality products will give better results.

Regularly Clean and Replace Bathroom Accessories – Clean or replace bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders, soap dishes and shower curtains regularly. These items can accumulate bacteria and mold if not cleaned regularly.

Common Bathroom Cleaning Tips To Avoid

To achieve the best results when cleaning your bathroom, it’s important to avoid common cleaning mistakes that can hinder your efforts.

Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Neglecting Regular Cleaning – Not cleaning the bathroom frequently allows dirt, grime and bacteria to accumulate, making the deep bathroom cleaning process more challenging.

Using Excessive Cleaning Products – More isn’t always better when it comes to cleaning products. Using excessive amounts of cleaning products in bathroom cleaning can lead to residue buildup and may damage surfaces.

Ignoring Ventilation – Proper ventilation is essential to prevent moisture-related issues such as mold and mildew. Ensure your bathroom has good airflow during and after cleaning.

Not Letting Cleaners Sit – Cleaning products need time to work effectively. Allow them to sit on surfaces for the recommended duration before scrubbing or wiping.

Using Harsh Abrasives on Delicate Surfaces – Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on delicate surfaces like mirrors or fixtures to prevent scratches.

Failing to Clean Showerheads and Faucets – Mineral deposits can accumulate on showerheads and faucets affecting water flow. Regularly clean and descale these fixtures to maintain optimal performance.

DIY Vs Professional Bathroom Cleaning : Which Is Better?

The decision between cleaning your bathroom yourself or hiring professional cleaners depends on various factors such as your time availability, cleaning expertise and desired level of cleanliness.

DIY Bathroom Cleaning

Pros :

Cost Savings: Cleaning your bathroom yourself eliminates the cost of hiring professional services.

Flexibility and Control: You have full control over the cleaning process and can customise it to your preferences.

Learning Opportunity: Cleaning your own bathroom allows you to learn effective techniques and gain hands-on experience.

Cons :

Time-Consuming: Cleaning a bathroom thoroughly can be time-consuming especially if you have a busy schedule.

Physical Effort: Bathroom cleaning can be physically demanding, particularly when dealing with hard-to-reach areas and stubborn stains.

Lack of Professional Expertise: You may not possess the same level of expertise and knowledge as professional cleaners.

Professional Bathroom Cleaning

Pros :

Time and Effort Saving: Hiring professional bathroom cleaning services in Ghorpadi Pune saves you time and relieves you of the physical effort required for a thorough cleaning.

Expertise and Experience: Professional cleaners have the knowledge and experience to tackle even the toughest bathroom cleaning stains.

High-Quality Results: Professionals deliver exceptional results leaving your bathroom spotless and sanitary.

Cons :

Cost: Hiring professional bathroom cleaning services incurs a cost which may vary depending on the size and condition of your bathroom.

Scheduling: You need to coordinate with the cleaning company and schedule a convenient time for the service.

Ultimately, the decision between DIY bathroom cleaning and professional bathroom cleaning services comes down to your personal preference, available time and budget.

Benefits of Booking A Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services in Ghorpadi Pune

There are germs all over the toilet. Germs and bacteria reside on toilet seat, door handles, wash basin, taps, floor, tiles etc. Basically its everywhere in the toilet.

And then there are hard water stains on shower glass, bathtub etc. You may find hard water scaling on corners of the floor, in the commode, areas near the drain outlet, on granite near the basin and at few other spots.

You wouldn’t enjoy the nice hot shower in your bathroom if what you see is the scaling everywhere.

If the washrooms are not cleaned properly, it will leave extra moisture and that will result in formation of mold, mildew and fungus.

Here are few points which underline the benefits of professional bathroom cleaning service in Ghorpadi Pune
  1. The professionally cleaned bathroom will make sure that it is 100% germ free. This will ensure that your children are protected from the germs and bacteria.
  2. Regular use of bathroom will leave a moisture in the bathroom. If bathrooms are not deep cleaned for long, it will start to smell dirty and musty.
  3. Normal cleaning or cleaning done by your maid is insufficient to cater to every corner of your bathroom. This will give a chance of the formation of mold and fungus. This can be dealt with only professional washroom cleaning only.
  4. The often neglected parts in normal cleaning are back side of commode, door, taps, granite near the basin etc. Dirt Blaster’s bathroom cleaning services in Ghorpadi Pune will make sure to clean these often neglected parts thoroughly.
  5. When you opt for frequent deep cleaning services, you will spend less on your bathroom maintenance. There will be less frequent chances of leakages and blockages.

What Does Bathroom Cleaning Include?

Professional Bathroom  Cleaning Services in Ghorpadi Pune includes everything that is there inside the bathroom.

Floor tiles and wall tiles are scrubbed using tile cleaner chemical to remove the stains. Commode and basin is cleaned inside out from all the sides. We remove the hard water stains from the taps and shine them. If your bathroom has got bathtub, shower glass or shower cubicle, we use special hard water stain removal chemical to remove the lime scale from the glass. We also clean the mirror, cabinets, shelves, window, geyser, bathroom door etc.

The exceptions to bathroom cleaning are we don’t clean the buckets, walls and the ceiling area.

Why Choose Us For Bathroom Cleaning Services in Ghorpadi Pune?

Dirtblaster Cleaning Services in Ghorpadi Pune is well known and most trusted professional Deep Cleaning Services in Pune.

We provide you with Professional Bathroom Cleaning Service in Ghorpadi Pune that helps in removing the hard water scaling and make your bathroom shiny.

We have well trained and professional team who knows how exactly bathroom cleaning is done.

  • Dirtblaster is 5 star rated cleaning services company on Google in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad area.
  • We use industry grade chemicals from Diversey company and other tools we use are also of professional grade.
  • We have in house team only and our team members are well trained and experienced.
  • All our staff members are background verified.
  • We provide upfront pricing for the job.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our services.

Our team is very well experienced for Bathroom Cleaning Services in Ghorpadi Pune. We handle big projects such as hospitals, restaurants, IT offices, warehouses as well as small projects like residential Home Cleaning Services and Flat Cleaning Services in Pune.

Bathroom Cleaning Process

  1. Removal of cobwebs
  2. Applying toilet bowl cleaner chemical to commode and basin
  3. Cleaning the window, exhaust fan, geyser, bathroom door etc
  4. Cleaning the wall tiles
  5. Cleaning of mirror, switchboards, shelves, cabinets etc
  6. Cleaning of commode and basin area from all the sides
  7. Cleaning the taps, shower glass, shower jet etc
  8. Cleaning the floor tiles

Chemicals We Use in Bathroom Cleaning Services

We use standard chemicals from world renowned company Diversey.
Following is the list of chemicals we use in bathroom cleaning services.
– All Purpose Cleaner
– Tile Cleaner
– Toilet Bowl Cleaner
– Glass Cleaner
– Floor Cleaner
– Hard Water Scale Remover

Equipment We Use in Bathroom Cleaning Services

Following is the list of equipment we use in bathroom cleaning services. We use some or all of the below mentioned equipmet as per the requirement and the scope of the cleaning work.
– Steel Scrubbers
– Scotch Brite Scrub Pads
– Floor Wiper
– Mop
– Toothbrush
– Spray Bottles
– Microfiber Dusters
– Buckets
– Mugs
– Scrappers
– Hand Gloves
– Garbage Bags
– Glass Squeegee

FAQ About Bathroom Cleaning Services

Q. What all things do you cover in bathroom cleaning?

A. In our bathroom deep cleaning service package we cover floor tiles, wall tiles, commode, basin, taps, shower glass, shower head, jet spray, bathtub, window, geyser, exhaust fan, door, faucets, cobwebs, mirror, other bathroom fixtures etc.

Q. How long does it take to clean a bathroom?

A. It normally takes 45 min to 1 hour to clean one bathroom.

Q. How many people do you send for bathroom cleaning?

A. We send 1-2 people depending upon the number of bathrooms to be cleaned.

Q. Do you guarantee 100% stain removal?

A. Even though we try multiple times to clean the stubborn stain, very tough and old stains can’t be removed completely in one time cleaning. It may require frequent cleaning to remove such stains.

Q. What chemicals do you use for bathroom cleaning?

A. We use industry grade standard chemicals by Taski company. We use Tile Cleaner, Commode Cleaner, Glass Cleaner & Acid for Toilet Cleaning Services.

Q. How much do you charge for bathroom deep cleaning?

A. Our rates fro bathroom cleaning services in Ghorpadi Pune starts from Rs. 500 per bathroom.

Q. How often should bathroom deep cleaning be done?

A. We recommend getting your bathroom deep cleaned once in every 4 months.

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