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Sneha Bannur
Sneha Bannur
Sachin and Prem did a great job in cleaning. Highly recommend their services.
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Harsha Shinde
Best experience with dirt blaster home cleaning service. Staff also good Sachin and shubham.
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Aninda Mukherjee
Excellent work on window cleaning
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Pramod Arukar
Excellent cleaning work from sachin and team Continue the good work Thanks team Dirt Blaster
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Amey Pathak
Good service and Good experience overall. Sachin,Satish,Shubham
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Home Cleaning Services in Pune

Home cleaning services in Pune have become increasingly popular in recent years as people are looking for ways to keep their homes neat and clean without having to invest their own time and energy. These services offer wide variety of services from home deep cleaning to office deep cleaning and even specialised services like sofa, carpet and upholstery cleaning.

With busy schedules and demanding workloads, it can be difficult for homeowners to maintain a clean and organised home. This is where home cleaning services like Dirt Blaster Cleaning Services come in, providing a convenient and efficient solution for those who want to keep their homes in top condition. In this article, we will explore the benefits of home cleaning services in Pune and what to consider when choosing a provider.

Home Cleaning Services in Pune can be best described in other words as disinfecting, sanitising, de-greasing, descaling or de-cluttering. Home cleaning is very important to keep the health and the beauty of your house.

Having a certain schedule to deep clean your house, such as once in two or three months will be a great idea to clean some parts of your house that might be neglected when you are doing regular daily or weekly cleaning. Those parts are usually including under the beds and under the furniture. Besides, vacuuming of carpet and other upholstery such as sofa, chair is also included in this.

If you find your fans have accumulated dust or sofa has got some visible stains or bathroom tiles are looking yellowish or brownish or if you observe grease on door handles of your kitchen trolleys and cabinets or your balcony has got stains then it is the signal for you to go for Professional Home Cleaning Services.

Dust mites, germs, allergens and other pollutants lurk in the hidden areas of your home and deep within your carpets and furniture where routine cleaning can’t reach. This can be easily cleaned in cleaning services. We also provide best Home Painting Services in Pune.

With the help from professionals like us, you can eliminate all of the grime in your house even in tough to reach places. Have your home or flat deep cleaned today to protect your family and your house! To know more you can check our Flat Cleaning Services and Sofa Cleaning Services in Pune.

Although they lurk out of sight, hidden contaminants in your home may be putting your family at risk of allergy attacks, mold contamination, bacterial infections and other serious health risks. Mold or insect infestations could threaten the harmony of your house itself.

What Is Home Deep Cleaning Services in Pune?

Deep cleaning can be best described as disinfecting, sanitising, de-greasing, descaling or de-cluttering. Home cleaning is very important to keep the health and beauty of your home.

Getting your house deep cleaned once in two or three months will be a great idea to clean some parts of your house that might be missed when you are doing regular cleaning. These parts include under the beds, window tracks, bathroom tiles, deep inside the kitchen, upholstery vacuuming etc.

If you see dust gathered on your fans or sofa has got some stains on it or bathroom tiles have become yellowish or brownish or if door handles of your kitchen trolleys and cabinets have become greasy, it is time to go for Deep Cleaning Service in Pune.

Dust mites, allergens, germs grow in the hidden ares of your home where routine cleaning can’t reach. These put your family at the risk of allergy, bacterial infection and other serious health risks.

With professional home cleaning services in Pune, you can remove these germs, grime and other pollutants from your house.

Reasons To Go For Home Deep Cleaning

Normal cleaning is not sufficient to maintain the new and fresh look of your house for longer time. Regular dusting or vacuuming isn’t enough to maintain the house.
Professional cleaning is the best way to keep your home in good shape and keep yourself healthy.
Switchboards or furniture tops, backside of the furniture, moving and cleaning the furniture doesn’t happen on daily basis. So once in while these points should be done which are intensely cleaned in deep cleaning.

Benefits of Professional Home Cleaning Services

Even if you are a clean fanatic, you may miss corner areas where dust accumulates more. Deep house cleaning is a very complex process when compared to normal cleaning.

Following are the benefits of a Home Deep Cleaning Services ->

Eliminate bacteria and allergies- Deep house cleaning services help in removing dust mites, bacteria, mildew etc from your home.

Improve air quality- Home cleaning involves vacuuming of the surfaces first to remove the dust. Wiping doesn’t remove all the dust and the dust just settles from one place to other.

Disinfection- Deep home cleaners involve disinfectant cleaner to disinfect the surfaces.

Reduce stress- Home deep cleaning makes your space more healthy and fresh.

Why Choose Dirt Blaster Home Cleaning Services in Pune?

Dirtblaster Cleaning Services is well known and most trusted professional Deep Cleaning Services in Pune.

We provide professional home cleaning services in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad and make your home look like new.

We have well trained and professional team who knows how exactly home cleaning is done.

  • More than 1151 Google reviews with 4.9 star average rating on Google for our cleaning services company in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad area.
  • We use industry grade chemicals from Diversey company and other tools we use are also of professional grade.
  • We have in house team only and all our team members are well trained and experienced.
  • All our staff members are background verified.
  • We provide upfront pricing for the job.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our services.

Our team is very well experienced for Home Cleaning Services in Pune. We handle big projects such as hospitals, restaurants, IT offices, warehouses as well as small projects like Residential Apartment Cleaning Services and Flat Cleaning Services in Pune.

Difference Between Dirt Blaster & Other Cleaning Service Providers in Pune?


Other Cleaning Services

Dirt Blaster Cleaning Services

Mostly OutsourcedIn House Team Only
Local QualityHighest Quality Taski Chemicals
In Experienced StaffHighly Experienced Staff
No Training At AllHighly Trained Staff
Low Quality Local MachinesWell Maintained Industry Grade Machines
Work Quality
No Guarantee100% Committed To Work
No Time CommitmentAlways On Time
No InsuranceInsured Staff
No UniformCompany Uniform
No Online ReputationHighest Google Rating In Pune
Oral QuotationWritten Quotation
Varies As Per ConditionFixed Upfront Pricing

How Home Cleaning Services in Pune Works?

Step 1 – Visit our website dirtblastercleaningservices.com or what’s app us on 73 50 321 321 to book home cleaning services in Pune.
Step 2 – We will provide you the best and affordable quotation for your home cleaning services in Pune as per your requirement.
Step 3 – When we agree upon the price and the dates, we book your appointment for that date.
Step 4 – We send the team on scheduled date and time without fail along with necessary chemicals and machines required for home cleaning.
Step 5 – You just sit back and relax. Our team will do their best job.
Step 6 – Once job is finished and you are satisfied with our service then only we accept the payment.

Scope Of Work of House Cleaning Services in Pune

Room Cleaning
  • Cobwebs removal
  • Cleaning fans, switchboards , tube lights, bulb
  • Cleaning wall frames, wall clocks, wall hangings
  • Moving movable furniture and cleaning all sides
Window Cleaning

  • Vacuuming window channels and mosquito net
  • Dusting of window grills, frames and channels
  • Cleaning of glasses from inside and outside

You can avail our separate Window Cleaning Services in Pune package here.

Balcony Cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Cobwebs removal
  • Dusting of balcony railing

You can avail our separate Balcony Cleaning Services in Pune package here.

Bathroom Cleaning
  • Scrubbing floor and wall tiles
  • Descaling taps, shower, jet spray
  • Removing hard water stains from shower glass, bath tubs
  • Disinfecting & sanitising toilet bowl, back side of toilet bowl
  • Disinfecting wash basin
  • Cleaning of mirrors, cabinets

You can avail our separate Bathroom Cleaning Services in Pune package here.

Kitchen Cleaning
  • Degreasing of chimney, exhaust fan, gas stove
  • Cleaning of appliances from exterior
  • Scrubbing of kitchen platform and tiles
  • Cleaning kitchen trolleys and cabinets from inside-out

You can avail our separate Kitchen Cleaning Services in Pune package here.

Other Cleaning
  • Vacuuming of sofa, chair, carpet, mattresses
  • Cleaning of doors, door frames, hinges
  • Mopping/Scrubbing of floor

Wall Cleaning Services in Pune

Most of us are very careful in cleaning the floor and the carpets. But how many of us really care for the walls of our house? We often neglect the walls. Walls may have a paint or wall papers on it. In both the situations, wall cleaning is necessary after a certain period of time.

As compared to the floor or other parts of our house, walls are less affected with dust. So we do not need to clean it everyday. But once in three to four months, we suggest to get your walls cleaned.

After a prolonged use, the dust settles on your walls. You may find some stains on the bottom portion of walls. Cobwebs develop on the corners of walls.

With the dust and the stains, the walls start looking dull. It ruins the beauty of your house.

If the paint is a washable paint or you have waterproof wallpapers, we can wet wipe the walls with our Wall Cleaning Services in Pune. With our wall wet wiping services, we remove the dust from the walls and the oil stains and other kind of stains too.

It’s not included in the basic home deep cleaning package. We charge extra for the wet wiping of the walls.

Wall Cleaning Services Rates in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad

1 BHK – Rs. 1500 only
2 BHK – Rs. 2000 only
3 BHK – Rs. 2500 only
4 BHK & Above – Upon Inspection

Chemicals We Use in House Cleaning Services Pune

We use standard chemicals from world renowned company Diversey.
Following is the list of chemicals we use in home cleaning services.
– All Purpose Cleaner
– Tile Cleaner
– Toilet Bowl Cleaner
– Glass Cleaner
– De-greaser
– Floor Cleaner
– Hard Water Scale Remover

Equipments We Use in Home Cleaning Services Pune

Following is the list of equipments we use in  home cleaning services. We use some or all of the below mentioned equipmets as per the requirement and the scope of the cleaning work.
– Industry Grade Vacuum Cleaner
– Steel Scrubbers
– Scotch Brite Scrub Pads
– Floor Wiper
– Mop
– Toothbrush
– Spray Bottles
– Microfiber Dusters
– Buckets
– Mugs
– Scrappers
– Hand Gloves
– Garbage Bags
– Glass Squeegee

FAQ About House Cleaning Services Pune

Q. How much time does it take for deep cleaning services?

A. It depends upon the size and the services you opt for. For a normal 2 BHK flat deep cleaning, it takes approximately 6-8 hours.

Q. How often should flat deep cleaning be done?

A. Ideally professional home cleaning services should be done in every 6 months. At least once in a year is highly recommended. Even we give great discounts to repeated customers for Home Deep Cleaning Services Pune.

Q. What are the exceptions to your deep cleaning package?

A. The deep house cleaning package has few exceptions such as-

– Wall wet cleaning is not included in this.
– Sofa or upholstery shampooing is not included.
– No furniture or appliances will be cleaned from inside.
– Kitchen will be cleaned inside out but customer has to empty the kitchen.
– Utensil cleaning will not be done.
– Hard to reach areas will not be cleaned.
– Chandelier cleaning is not done by us.
– Heavy furniture will not be moved.
– Customer has to arrange a ladder or stool.
– Hard water scaling may not go 100% in one time deep cleaning. Repeated deep cleaning may be required.

All these services can be added to your home deep cleaning package but at extra cost.

Q. What are your home deep cleaning rates?

A. The rates for Home Deep Cleaning Services in Pune varies depending upon many factors such as size of the area, services included etc. Home deep cleaning services in Pune rates start from Rs. 2999 only.

Q. What if I want only the kitchen cleaning or window cleaning?

A. You can avail the same with full house cleaning package or you can avail our separate Window Cleaning Services package or Kitchen Cleaning Services package.

Q. Do you also provide cleaning service for office or commercial spaces?

A. We provide all kinds of Commercial Cleaning Services in Pune such as Office Cleaning Services or Restaurant Cleaning Services.

Q. How many people do you send for flat deep cleaning services?

A. The size of the team depends upon the type of job. For some jobs, we may send only one person while for some tasks we may send 6-8 persons as per the requirement.

Q. Do you charge for inspection?

A. We do not charge for inspection.

Q. Do I need to provide anything from my end?

A. We bring our own material and machines required for home deep cleaning.  We expect a ladder or stool to be provided by the customer.

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Rs. 3,500


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Rs. 4,500
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4 BHK & Above

Upon Inspection
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