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Dirtblaster Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services in Pune includes cleaning of every nooks and corner of the house. Fans, Switchboards, Furniture, Doors, Windows, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Balcony, Sofa, Floor etc will be covered.

Sofa Cleaning Services in Pune

We specialize in Sofa Cleaning Services with our state of the art machines and unique stain removal technique. Sofa will look like new after Sofa Shampooing is done.

Office Cleaning Services in Pune

A fresh office symbolises professionalism and creates a healthy work atmosphere for your employees. Finding the best Office Cleaning Services in Pune is not a very difficult task when you have Dirtblaster Cleaning Services with you.

Empty Flat Cleaning Services Pune

Empty Flat Cleaning would include cleaning of Floor, Doors, Windows, Bathrooms, Kitchen & Balcony. Wet wiping of walls can also be included.

Housekeeping Services in Pune

Special integrated processes are used for Bungalow Cleaning. We use systematic approach with proper planning and technique.

Sofa Cleaning Services Pune

Give your Upholstery a new look with our Upholstery Cleaning Services. Remove dust particles, dust mites, urine stains, bacteria & germs.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Pune

A clean carpet is a reflection of health and quality of lives of the people living there as well as people coming there as guests. Extend the life of your carpet with our most effective Carpet Cleaning method.

Mattress Cleaning Services Pune

An unclean mattress may have dead skin flakes, oil, sweat, urine, dust mites & bacteria. Give your mattress a new refreshing look with our Mattress Cleaning Services.

Kitchen Chimney Cleaning Services Pune

An unclean chimney filter reduces the performance of the chimney. We will degrease the chimney filters and the entire chimney in our Chimney Cleaning Services.

Kitchen Cleaning Services Pune

Kitchen Deep Cleaning includes inside-out trolley cleaning, shelves & cabinets cleaning, kitchen platform & tiles cleaning, sink cleaning, appliances cleaning etc.

Bathroom Cleaning Services Pune

Bathroom Cleaning includes deep scrubbing of tiles, descaling of taps, removal of hard water stains, shower glass, window, commode, basin, geyser, fixtures etc.

Floor Cleaning Services Pune

With industry grade machines and chemicals, bring back the lost shine of your floor with our Floor Cleaning Services.

Balcony Cleaning Services Pune

Deep Cleaning of Balcony is helpful to remove bird droppings, mud, dust, stains from your balcony.

Terrace Cleaning Services Pune

With pressure washing or machine srubbing, we will remove mud, dust, bird droppings, cobwebs and hard stains from your Terrace and will make it spic n span.

Window Cleaning Services Pune

Window Cleaning includes cleaning of window frame, mosquito net, channels, grills and glasses from inside-out.

Fridge Cleaning Services Pune

Remove food stains, bad odour, fungus, spilled liquids, stickiness, oiliness from your fridge with our Fridge Cleaning Services.

Restaurat Cleaning Services Pune

Clean and hygenic environment will bring good health to your staff and your customers too. Look no further when it comes to Restaurant Cleaning Services in Pune.

Commercial Cleaning Services Pune

Our professionals are trained to clean each and every inch of your facility with highest attention to details. To improve the image and functionality of your facility, go for Commercial Cleaning Services in Pune offered by Dirtblaster Cleaning Services.

Housekeeping Services Pune

For all your housekeeping requirements, you can depend on Dirtblaster Cleaning Services. We have comprehensive methods to manage your housekeeping needs.

Steam Cleaning Services Pune

A safer and eco-friendly alternative to kill germs, viruses, bacteria & allergens is Steam Cleaning. It is also useful in removing stains, odour, grease, bacteria, mold, yeast & fungi.

Sanitization Services Pune

Protect your loved ones not just from CORONA virus but also from other disease causing viruses. Home & Office Sanitization services at affordable rates with government approved chemicals.

Car Cleaning Services Pune

Make you car look like new again!! We offer Car Detailing, Car Polishing, Car Interior Cleaning Services in Pune.

Pest Control Services Pune

Integrated pest management services for Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Bed Bugs & Mosquitos. 6 months warranty, Govt approved chemicals.

Home Painting Services Pune

Experienced and well mannered painters. Affordable Rates! Best Quality! Exterior Home Painting Services, Interior Home Painting Services.

Apartment Cleaning Services Pune

Your apartment may require to be deep cleaned once in every six months. Don't let the dirt and grime settle inside your house. Make it clean and happy place with our Aprtment Cleaning Services.

Flat Cleaning Services Pune

Your flat is not only your investment but you have your emotions attached to it. A clean flat will bring good vibrations inside the house. Let a clean flat be the reason for you to sleep peacefully.

Deep Cleaning Services Pune

When it comes to Deep Cleaning, call Dirtblaster team to make it happen in real. We are master into Deep Cleaning Services in Pune.

Move in move out cleaning services Pune

Be it the flat you are Moving Out of or the flat you are Moving In, get it completely deep cleaned. Save your deposit money when you move out or move into a cleaned and fresh flat with our Cleaning, Pest control & Painting Services.

Pressure Washing services Pune

We use high pressure water spray to remove dirt, mud, paint, cement, mold or grime. Ideal for Bungalow Pressure Washing Services in Pune.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Services Pune

Leather sofa is expensive but not the maintenace of it with our Professional Leather Sofa Cleaning Service in Pune. We clean the the sofa with shampooing and also apply a protectant layer to increase the life of the leather.

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services Pune

You may not see it but the foam of your fabric sofa carries allergens, dust, dustmites and bacteria. Get rid of it and the stains on the fabric by using our Professional Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services in Pune.

Office carpet cleaning services Pune

A lot of people walk on the office carpet regularly. Its difficult to maintain the carpet with your regular housekeeping. Take out the dust settled at the roots of your carpet with our Office Carpet Cleaning Services in Pune.

Office chair cleaning services Pune

Give your employees a clean and dust free chair to sit on. Regularly cleaning your Office Chairs will not only increase the life of the fabric but a dust free chair will let the employees focus more on their work.

Home Sanitization services Pune

Simply cleaning your home may not be enough to protect yourself from the Coronavirus infection, sanitisation is the key. Reduce the potential risk of COVID-19 contamination to your loved ones with our Home Sanitization Services in Pune.

Office Sanitization services Pune

Disinfect all the surfaces in your Office during this pandemic of Covid-19 with our government approved disinfectant liquid and provide clean, safe and healthy environment to your employees.

Car Interior Cleaning Services Pune

Its always nice to cruise around in a clean ride. Clean your dashboard, seats, mats, headliner and other plastic, vinyl & rubber parts with our Interior Cleaning Services.

Car Exterior Cleaning Services Pune

Protect your car from harmful UV rays, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings, tree saps, swirl marks etc. Protect the clear coat of your car with our Exterior Detailing Services.

Termite Pest Control Services Pune

Defend your home from termites infecstatio before its too late. Utilise our Termite Control Services with government approved chemicals and processes.

Bed bug pest control services Pune

Bed Bugs feed on himan blood. Their bite causes skin rashes & allergic symptoms. Donate the boold to blood bank and not to the Bed Bugs.

Herbal pest control services Pune

If you have children or senior citizens at home, its advisable to go for Herbal Pest Control Services. It has no side effects on humans or pets.

Cockroach pest control services Pune

We use herbal as well as chemical spray treatment to control the breeding of cockroaches. Be it a residential or commercial space, we will take care of your Cockroaches completely with 6 months warranty.

Exterior home painting services Pune

If the home is where the heart is then you want your home to look great. It all starts with a fantastic exterior. Put a new coat of paint onto your exterior with our Exterior Home Painting Services and give your home a great curb appeal.

Interior home painting services Pune

Whether you want a new look for your kitchen, a more vibrant master bedroom or your daughter has decided that bright pink is not the colour she wants in her bedroom, our team of house painters can change your home’s look with our Interior Home Painting Services.