Window Cleaning Services Pune

Window Cleaning Services Pune
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rimzim bawne
rimzim bawne
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I am soo happy with the dirt blaster team they have made my home heaven And grateful to bhushan sir for alloting me th cleaning slot...... And the best help I had from there two guys Mr.Abhay Hivre and Mr. Prem Kate they have magic' I'm their hands Thnks alot I urge people to take the service they will never disappoint you Happy Cleaning 😀
ukmoitra bapi
ukmoitra bapi
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Boys were excellent and completed the kitchen chimney cleaning work in a nice way. God bless you. All the best.
sunil kadam
sunil kadam
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Exllent service
Dhananjay R
Dhananjay R
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Fantastic service.. thank you guys!!
MiTv Home
MiTv Home
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Very happy with the bathroom cleaning service performed by Prem and Shubham🙂
Sahil Shaikh
Sahil Shaikh
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Window Cleaning Services In Pune


Windows add aesthetic look to your property. But if the windows are covered with dirt and grime, it negatively affects the impression of the property and decreases its value. Window cleaning services come into picture if you want to maintain the new look of your windows for long.

It’s really difficult to sell a property with grime-covered windows when other surfaces are clean and dirt free. Office spaces that leave dirt and dust settle on the glasses, create a negative impression on customer and business partners. It reflects the lack of interest in the business which certainly no business would want to be associated with.

It’s simple and cost effective too to call a professional window cleaning services company in Pune. Professionals know how to clean windows properly and they use quality cleaning products that provide resistance against dust, stains and fungal growth.

The major problem with window cleaning is the formation of streaks and marks after the glasses are cleaned. We, being professional window cleaners, know the right technique and use right tools to avoid the streaks and leave the glasses sparkling clear. Our buffing and right technique will remove the toughest stains from the glass for a beautiful finish.

You will be able to clearly see the outstanding outdoor view from your window when the glasses are clean and in pristine condition.

Reasons To Go For Window Washing Services in Pune

If dust and debris remain in window channels or window tracks for long, it gets stuck there forever. It becomes very much difficult to remove such stains after.

The dust restricts the smooth movement of the window panes on the window slider.

The rollers of the windows will get damaged if dust or stones stuck into them.

Acidic rain, dust, mold and fungus can settle on the glass and frames causing damage and unwanted marks. The window tracks and channels accumulate dust over the period of time restricting the smooth movement of windows.

Professional window cleaning company like Dirt Blaster know how to make it perfect.

The Importance Of Clean Windows

There is a significant impact of clean windows on the aesthetics of your building, both internally and externally. They allow natural light to enter resulting in a bright and cosy atmosphere.
Moreover, clean windows can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems by allowing more sunlight to penetrate, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating.

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning Services in Pune?

When windows are cleaned by professionals, you will be able to see through the glasses clearly. What is the point in having a flat at a location with a great view but dusty and dirty windows blocks the view?

If you don’t want to invest in replacing the rollers of your windows when they get damaged because of dust stuck in it, then go for Professional Window Cleaning Services by Dirt Blaster Cleaning Services.

Commercial buildings have glasses on outer side to add to the aesthetics of the building. With rain, heat and dust in the atmosphere, these glasses look very dull from outside. It is no why these glasses were put for. Cleaning them regularly will avoid this.

Professional Window Cleaning Services in Pune

When it comes to professional window cleaning services in Pune, it’s essential to choose a company that offers reliability, quality and affordability. Our team comprises skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results with every project we undertake.

Cutting-Edge Techniques and Equipment

We utilise cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of your windows. From residential properties t commercial buildings, we have the expertise and resources to handle projects of any size and complexity.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

In addition to delivering outstanding results, we are also committed to environmental sustainability. That’s why we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for both your family and the environment. Our cleaning methods are designed to minimise water wastage and reduce our carbon footprint.

Tailored Services to Meet Your Needs

We understand that every property is unique, which is why we offer tailored window cleaning services to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or regular maintenance, we can customise a solution that fits your schedule and budget.

How Window Cleaning Services in Pune Is Done?

Dirtblaster Cleaning Services is the best and professional window cleaning services company offering services in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad.

Our staffs are well trained, experienced and knowledgeable to cater to your window cleaning requirements. We undertake both residential and commercial window cleaning jobs.

We use glass squeegee, industry grade glass cleaner chemical, heavy duty vacuum cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean your windows professionally.

Choosing the Right Window Cleaning Company

Reputation and Experience

When selecting a window cleaning services in Pune, it’s essential to consider their reputation and experience in the industry. Look for companies with positive reviews, testimonials and a proven track record of delivering exceptional results.

Transparent Pricing and Quotes

Avoid companies that offer vague or ambiguous pricing structures. Look for window cleaning services that provide transparent quotes and upfront pricing with no hidden fees or surprises. This will help you budget accordingly and avoid any unexpected expenses down the line.

Search For Different Cleaning Services

Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start searching for different deep cleaning services. You can search on Google or check local web directories. Look for companies that offer the services you need.
Read online reviews to get a sense of their reputation. You can also ask for recommendations from friends, family or colleagues who have used cleaning services in the past.

Ask About Their Cleaning Products & Techniques

Different cleaning services use different products and techniques for the deep cleaning job. If you have allergies or sensitivities, you may want to choose a service that uses products that won’t be harmful to you.
You can also ask about their cleaning techniques – Are they using traditional cleaning methods or are they using more modern machines?

Why Choose Us For Window Cleaning?

Dirtblaster Cleaning Services is well known and most trusted professional Deep Cleaning Services in Pune.

We provide professional window cleaning services in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad and make your window sparkling clean.

We have well trained and professional team who knows how exactly window cleaning is done.

  • More than 1151 Google reviews with 4.9 star average rating on Google for our cleaning services company in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad area.
  • We use industry grade chemicals from Diversey company and other tools we use are also of professional grade.
  • We have in house team only and all our team members are well trained and experienced.
  • All our staff members are background verified.
  • We provide upfront pricing for the job.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our services.

Our team is very well experienced for Window Cleaning Services in Pune. We handle big projects such as hospitals, restaurants, IT offices, warehouses as well as small projects like Residential Home Cleaning Services and Flat Cleaning Services in Pune.

Scope of Window Cleaning Work

1. Window channel/track cleaning with vacuum cleaner.
2. Window grills dusting.
3. Window frame cleaning.
4. Mosquito net cleaning with vacuum cleaner.
5. Window glass inside-out cleaning

Chemicals We Use in Window Cleaning Services in Pune

We use standard chemicals from world renowned company Diversey.
Following is the list of chemicals we use in window cleaning services.
– Glass Cleaner Chemical
– All purpose Cleaner Chemical

Equipmets We Use in Window Cleaning Services in Pune

We use following equipments.

– Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Machine
– Microfiber Dusters
– Spray Bottles

– Soft Bristled Brush
– Glass Squeegee

FAQ About Window Cleaning Services in Pune

1. Do you take up window cleaning as a separate job?

A. Yes, we do accept window cleaning as a separate job. Or it’s also included when you opt for our full Home Cleaning Services in Pune package.

2. What are your rates for window cleaning?

A. The rates start from Rs. 300 per window.

3. Do you do cleaning of balcony sliding door too?

A. Yes, we do all kinds of windows.

4. How much time does window cleaning take?

A. It depends upon the size of the window but cleaning of one window will take approximately 30-45 min.

5. How often should window cleaning be done?

A. We recommend window cleaning to be done at least once in 6 months.

6. What tools and chemicals you use for window cleaning?

A. We use Glass Squeegee, Glass Wiper, Industry Grade Vacuum Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Brush and Microfiber Dusters for window cleaning services in Pune.

7. Do you take up commercial window cleaning services too?

A. Yes, we do accept commercial window cleaning services jobs. But we don’t do facade cleaning.

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