Pressure Washing Services – Best Way To Revamp Your House or Property

Pressure Washing services Pune

Be it driveway washing, patio washing, parking lot washing, common area washing, society parking washing, bungalow outer wall washing, terrace washing, floor washing, wall compound washing, Dirt Blaster’s Pressure Washing Services in Pune covers all possible exteriors in your house that require cleaning and maintenance.

Parking Lot Washing

Ignoring cleanliness of your parking lot can have huge consequences.

You are always prompt to take care of cleanliness of inside of your house. But cleaning a parking lot is often neglected for various reasons. In case of commercial properties, the property/facility managers are a busy people. Parking lot cleaning will not be on top of their to-do list.

But this negligence creates a negative impression of the property as the parking lot is what anyone sees first when they visit.

But don’t worry as you can hire us for Pressure Washing of your parking lot to make it neat & clean.

Driveway Washing/Paver Block Washing

You will see numerous benefits of pressure washing your driveways or paver blocks.

Pressure washing your driveways will help you in maintaining the attractiveness of the property and even help in longevity of the driveway. Pressure washing will make your driveway look bright and spotless.

Over a period of regular use, small stones and sand goes deep into your driveway’s porous surface. Moss and other plants can grow on your driveway. The presence of multi layers of dirt and debris ingrained in a driveway surface can make it slippery.

With our industry grade heavy duty jet pressure washing machine, we can remove dirt, debris, mold and fungus from your driveway easily without damaging the surface.

Society Parking Washing

Residential housing societies give great priority to maintenance of their buildings. They take care of common electrical fittings, plumbing fixtures, security, water supply, lift, lobby cleanliness, garden maintenance etc.

Societies get their buildings painted once the paint starts looking dull. But they often neglect the parking lot as compared to other things. So when every other thing of your property is well maintained then why neglect the parking lot only?

Parking areas specially located in basement or underground should be cleaned regularly.

We recommend getting the parking area and internal roads cleaned with pressure washing at least once in a year.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Running a business is quite a difficult task in itself. There are so many things to look after. Some of these things are like maintaining accounts, handling clients, dealing with marketing and advertising and of course maintaining the buildings that are involved in your business.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Pune lets you do the most important thing for any business, being able to run the business without worrying about keeping the building clean.

Pressure washing services can be used for your commercial property to wash the driveway of your commercial building, washing outer walls of your building, washing parking lots, washing terrace of your property, washing floor of your warehouse etc.

Other Pressure Washing Services

Apart from driveway or patio or parking lot washing, pressure washing services in Pune can be hired to clean the outer walls of your bungalow, terrace, compound wall, floor etc.


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