How To Clean Your Home More Effectively

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Home cleaning can be fun! Let us show you how!

Cleaning your home is not something you look forward to. And it’s so easy to leave it for another day. But when you see dust balls and cobwebs taunting you from every corner of the house, you know it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started.  

But where do you even begin? Tackle the cobwebs, scrub the floor, or get the broom? Well, home cleaning is not as difficult as it sounds. Switch on your favourite music track and follow me!

Step 1 – Declutter! 

Newspapers, magazines, and empty delivery cartons have a way of accumulating in the house. Not only do they take up space, but they are perfect nooks for cockroach infestation and dust. So, get out the garbage bags and declutter!

Step 2 – Bring out your cleaning tools and solutions

Deep cleaning requires proper tools. If you don’t have a caddy, a bucket will do to transport your tools from one room to another. You don’t want to be looking for a sponge when your hands are immersed in soapsuds.


Step 3 – Dusting and vacuuming

Turn off your ceiling fans and start by giving them a thorough dusting, beginning with the tops of cupboards and slowly moving downwards. Don’t forget the underside of your bed, the sofa or the shelves. Vacuum the sofas thoroughly, making sure to get to the crevices and joints. 


Once you have finished dusting start vacuuming, moving from one room to the other. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, a good old broom will do just fine. You can take a breather and enjoy a cup of tea before you tackle the next step. 


Step 4 – Disinfection

Wipe down all the surfaces of your home with a disinfectant to keep vermin at bay. This is especially important for kitchen counters where hygiene is necessary. Don’t forget the TV remote and the telephones. For an eco-friendly disinfectant, try mixing a quarter cup of vinegar to a cup of water. 


Tackle the glass surfaces next. You can spray a store-bought solution on the glass and wipe off with newspaper for a gleaming shine, as any Home Cleaning Service in Pune will tell you.


Step 5 – Toilet bowls, sinks and bathtubs

Gently run the bottle of toilet cleaner around the rim of the bowl. Let it sit for a while. Now move on to the bathtub and the sink and spray or apply the cleaner, making sure to cover all the spots. Do the same with the kitchen sink. Now retrace your steps and scrub the toilet, the sink, the bathtub and the kitchen sink till they are squeaky clean. 


For deep cleaning this may be a good time to go over the kitchen chimney and the gas stove. 


Step 6 – Mopping

Once you pick up the mop, you know you are almost finished. Put in a few drops of disinfectant or a floor cleaning solution in half a bucket of water. Mop the whole house, till all the rooms are covered. 


Step 7 – Clean your tools 

Make sure to routinely clean your mops, brooms and dusters after you finish and store away the cleaning caddy till you need it for your next home cleaning project. 


Handy cleaning tips

  • You can tackle the deep cleaning process more effectively when you dust, clean, and mop the whole house at the same time, rather than do one room at a time.
  • Things like cleaning the window panes and waxing the furniture need not be done each week. 
  • Keep wet cleaning rags away from electric outlets.

When your family is involved, cleaning can be a fun activity, but sometimes, you would rather put your feet up and let someone else do the job. And what better way to do it than let Dirtblaster Cleaning Services handle it for you? Not only are they more thorough, the results are so much better!


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