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Kitchen Cleaning Tips To Ensure Proper Hygiene & Cleanliness

Kitchen, commonly known as the heart of any household, is not only used for cooking and dining. This is where the family and friends come together, a place of creating memories and also a place where hygiene and cleanliness should be paramount.



A clean kitchen is not only important for the nice environment in the kitchen, it is also essential for maintaining everyone’s safety and health.

This article examines useful and efficient kitchen cleaning techniques aimed at maintaining the highest standards hygiene cleanliness.

Wash your hands: A very critical action to ensure your kitchen remains hygienic is washing hands each time before and after using food materials.
This minimizes the chances of spreading of contaminations and bacteria. Ensure that you use running water and soap to wash your hands for no less than twenty seconds.
Clean as you go: To prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime, it is best to clean as you go while cooking.
This requires cleaning the surfaces and washing the dishes after use. It will also facilitate maintenance of clean kitchen and thus avoids need for deep cleaning.
Use separate cutting boards: It is advisable to use a different cutting board when working with various types of food in order to prevent contamination.
For instance use a separate cutting board for raw meat and vegetables. This will help to stop the bacteria from infecting one food with another.
Disinfect surfaces: It is necessary to disinfect kitchen surfaces regularly in order to kill bacteria and other contaminant.
This applies to countertops, cutting boards and sink handles. Use a spray or wipe with disinfectant and apply it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Clean and sanitise the sink: In the high moisture area, there is sufficient amount of water that provides good environment for bacteria to grow. Therefore, to maintain hygiene sink cleaning and disinfection becomes essential.
Remember to use a disinfectant cleaner or bleach solution since it will eradicate the bacteria and germ. Make sure to rinse the sink well after cleaning it in order to remove any remaining residue.
Store food properly: A well organised kitchen requires the proper food storage. Make sure that you keep meat, poultry and seafood raw in the fridge or freezer so as not to allow bacteria growth.
However, other perishable foods such as milk and left-overs should also be kept in the refrigerator.
Wipe up spills immediately: Wiping down spilled and splattered contents is very important to avoid bacterial proliferation as well the formation of stains.
Use a damp cloth or paper towel to dab up the spilt, and finish with disinfectant cleaner solution of water and dish soap.
Use hot water and soap to wash dishes: To wash away dirt and bacteria from dishes, hot water and soap should be used. Make sure you wash your dishes properly to remove any soap residues.
In case of the dishwasher, apply high-temperature program to eliminate germs.
Clean the fridge regularly: The fridge is a place where bacteria and other contaminants proliferate. In order to keep up with good hygiene levels, the fridge should be cleaned often.
Remove all the items from the fridge and clean the shelves and surfaces using a disinfectant. Make sure to dispose of all expired or spoiled things.
Keep a clean sponge or dishcloth: In order to avoid the spreading of bacteria, when cleaning surfaces and dishes, a clean sponge or dishcloth should be used.
You should change sponges and dishcloths more often than usual. Wash them in hot water so that it kills the germ found there.

As a general conclusion, appropriate kitchen hygiene is the necessary for keeping any kitchen clean and healthy. Through these kitchen cleaning tips, you will be able to keep the kitchen a clean safe place to prepare and store food.

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